joi, 18 mai 2017


I've heard a lot of girls saying that they love wearing extensions and buy them periodicaly online, but they do not really know for sure if the extensions they are buying are 100% made out of virgin hair or synthetic one. Many as well didn't knew the differences between virgin human hair and remy hair and why they are called like this. Young women usualy shop online for hair products based on others experiences and indications, and a big number of them actualy buy poor quality hair extensions and wigs, but today I am going to clarify you all where you cand find wholesale hair extensions at a great price and with a very high quality. As I've said, the virgin human hair and remy hair are very similar and almost hard to see if this is your first time buying it. I myself can not always distinguish them because we have so many types and models that sometime I might mistake for myself, but usualy I know which ones are ok. Today I want to say just quick the difference between virgin hair and remy hair. First of all, if you have decided to wear extensions or a wig for a long period of time, then you are more than 100% percent devoted to maintain your products as the label says. Innapropiate usage can deteriorate your extensions, so do exactly as the producers say and everything will be ok! Now back to my subject! So, the virgin natural hair in extensions and wigs is real human hair collected directly from a donor. It has never been bleached, dyed, permed or chemicaly processed, meaning that virgin hair is untreated, and comes from one single person.

Now here comes the question: but is remy virgin hair still the same thing as virgin hair? Well yes, definitely! The difference between these two kinds is that remy hair has the cuticles intacts, following one direction meaning you will have a natural hair aspect no matter what, while simple virgin hair wholesale extensions may differe in direction. This could be a very troubling thing especialy when combing the hair all togheter. It will not always look ok so you will have to take special care with hair routine and application. There are any online stores that provide you enough information about their products and give you strict informations about them, but I recommednd you to visit TedHair rather that others because this website is the premium hair extensions manufacturer in China, providing top quality hair products and service to distribuitors, vendors, salon and online stores owners around the world. More opinions and suggestions about the products that are best for you is available on the website but I suggest you to contact TedHair directly for further informations. They will take care you have a great experience and present the top hair extensions, wigs and wholesale service for each customer.

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