joi, 15 iunie 2017

Pick the perfect ball dress from PickedLooks!

My boyfriend will be finishing his college years this summer, and at the end of July there will beheld a ceremony and right after a big party at a very select venue to celebrate the ending of medical school. It will be a very special night and all the ladies will be wearing complex and luxurious ball dresses so I got to stay at the same level and buy a dress that will fit the event. I was opting for a long and backless long dress in a sheer beige tone with no other accessories because the lace on the top would be enough, but my mind went over to other shades and styles but maybe for the next event, not this one. Today I am going to show you some designs of ball gowns perfect for this summer season, but most of them are my type so don not worry because while visiting the website Pickedlooks for outfits you will find more styles totaly different from what you will see on today's blogpost. I am more of a princess like dress in nude and pastels so here are the top picks for my evening party, mostly some of them resemblance to the top designer Ellie Saab style that I simply adore! The website is very popular and offers the top quality women dresses if you were still wondering what is it with it and it's range of products. But for more information and availability on the dresses, the colours, messurements and shipping rates and dates, follow the links in the pictures to go online on the website were you will be provided with all you want to know. 

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