marți, 19 septembrie 2017

Autumn mornings are too cold for you? FashionMia has something new prepared for you!

It has been a while since we have last seen the bright burning sun of the summer! The last days got us a really bad weather and lots of rain, but I can not complain because the summer was really hot and long, so I needed so much the autumn days! I could not wait for school to come back... I just misses those chilly mornings, the longs walks in the park through the leaf layer on the ground, the golden light of autumn sun and the spicy air. I am born in September so you've probably figured out by now why I am so in love with these time of the year! But as much as I like it, the same I don't and this is only because sometimes the days can be really cold! Some mornings are so badly that all I want to do is go back to my warm bad under the blanket and wait for the warmth to kick in, but I can't miss a day in my work so I gather all my women's tops and search for the right one for a good day at work and a warm experience on my way there as well! I could go opt for a leather jacket but we are requested to wear office suits and bussiness related costumes so I got to go in a more serious outfit. For those like me, here are a few designs of outerwear sale for women apparel that would go perfectly with a simple black dress beneath them. But if you are a way more conservative look lover then you could wear them on a daily basis. The following clothing articles are elegant and would work just perfect with these autumn mornings. For more fashion designs and other colours and textures for women tops for autumn days, search on FashionMia more suggestions. 

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