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3 easy ways to keep your hair beautiful

If you are stuggling with finding new ideas for you haircare routine and hairstyle, then I am here as always with a few tips and tricks that could be useful for you and your beloved fellow friends! Since I was little I have had long hair and loved to wear it in different types of braids but it wasn't always easy! When the weather outside is cold and rainy my hair tends to go frizzy and curled up so I got to learn as many tips and tricks for long and fine hair to prevent this sort of episodes that could ruin my perfect braided hair and today I am going to share with you some of my favourite tricks for a lavishing and beautiful hairstyle at any time of the day with or without long straight weave!

1. First of all, if you want to grow a long natural hair, you must pay attention to the products you use. I suggest you to read the labels before buying a product! Chosing the right shampoo for you scalp can do a lot to your hair. If you have thin dry hair then a nourishing shampoo and a conditioner for this particular type of hair would do just fine. You can complete your haircare routine with a hair oil or a leave in treatment that can be used before and after combing your hair. Don't forget about handmade maskes with natural ingredients like coconut or olive oil! Almost any kind of natural oil could help!

2. Try to dye your hair less and less because dyeing can be truly damaging to your natural hair. After a while of wearing hair dye your might experience dry ends, local irritations and a big need of professional hair care from a saloon expert. This whole experience can be as well very expensive because you must apply hair dye regulary to mantain a full and uniform shade. In case you choose to dye your hair or try some highlights then make sure you either go to a saloon or you attach deep wave weave that can ease up your work.
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3. Wear lace wigs or even more better: bundles and hair extenstions of premium virgin hair that only need minimum care. You can use some silk base closure types for a more intimate closure at the base of your hair for protection and strong closure as well. I suggest you to use one thing at a time and don't mix hair extensions with dee wave weave at the same time because the finish look could be messy and hard to comb and braid if you opt for a lush hairstyle. Use them periodicaly or daily if you must but don't forget to storage them properly and comb them everytime you use them. 

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