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3 trends to follow this year

If you are wondering what are the main attractions and trends for 2018, let me tell you that there are some you should pay attention to if you want to look as fabulous as usual with less effort. From the right very beginning of the year some of the mot iconic brands have stated the fashion items that should be used as an inspiration for future looks and beauty trends. It is not always cheap and affordable for commom people to have high end products but there are some smaller interprises and magazines with a huge name in fashion industry that give the option of buying products at a lower price and strictly following the latest trends from the catwalks shows. For those who no longer have the patience to see what the top designers have created and listed on their websites or window store, here are a few trends you should follow this year for a good start in fashion and beauty world:

1. Wear Ultra-Violet!
Pantone institute has never let fashion lovers down and made an announcement as soon as 2018 arrived to state that Ultra-Violet would be the year's colour! If you want you could opt for various fashion and beauty related products in this shade. A bold Ultra-Violet dress or make up would definitely make a good impression. You could make an online beauty and make-up course if you want to know how to use Ultra-Violet in an everyday make up. Pantone and other websites of high inspiration for beauty and fashion lovers have made a list of favourite products in this particular shade so check it out before purchasing goods to take inspiring thoughts from!

blonde lace front wig

2. Hollywood waves and curls!
Long or short it really doesn't matter as long as you have blond bundles that end with waves! Is it a very easy hairstyle and most of the Hollywood stars wear it also on a daily basis rather than on the red carpet. As concerning the shades ombre style is still a great trend to follow but you could go just for a platinum or natural blonde to make a sure choice with a blonde lace front wig for a full coverage. The waves would look better if you have a short or medium bob haircut and you can make your waves with a curling iron or with a simple braid that you should wear at least 2 to 3 hours before loosing it. You can use also a pair of blonde bundles and style them as you wish.

blonde bundles
3. Go for a natural make up or no make up make-up!
Have I lost you on the no make-up make-up? Don't you woory because we all did a bit while first hearing the new trend! It is rather a new trend that is quite appreciated for the lack of strong and bold make up products on your skin and you can easy reach this make up with a foundation that fits perfectly with your skin tone, a natural compact powder for matifying results, a little drop of blush, some mascara and a clear lipgloss or lipstick! You can wear this make up evryday at work and even at very pretentious occasions because you can use other accessories like jewelry to add a dash of sparkle and attention you your look. For a complete natural look pick up the blonde bundles with closure that blend with your natural hair.

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