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Ways to help your baby learn to talk

When you first hold your newborn, you always wonder whether he can hear you or not. It sometimes seems pointless talking to your infant, but it pays in the end. We all know that practice makes perfect. The same case applies to kids. The more they get to hear the words, the more they will understand and eventually speak them. Below are some ways to help your child learn to talk.

Chat with your baby
According to experts, talking to your child is the most efficient way to help your child in learning how to talk. Do not think that the child is small and cannot listen to your stories. Tell your child stories, share with her what happened throughout the day as she slept. Ask your child how he feels. Most of the time when you talk to a child, he responds with a smile.

Enjoy music together
Babies love movement and music. How many times have you watched a kid start moving his head or hands when the music starts to play? I believe you have seen this several times. Kids learn to respond to rhythm fast; they learn the things around them through music. Most kids start talking in their language when they hear a song play.

Follow your baby’s lead
There are those things that when kids see them, they capture their interests. Watch your kids and identify the interests. If you notice that your baby is interested in a cap, a book, talk about it. Explain to her what it is and show her more of the item. Ask questions and engage her whether she understands or not. If you have a tape recorder, record your baby, and then play it. Use straightforward phrases to describe items that interest your child. When changing her diapers, you can use terms such as it is diaper time and so on. This will help the baby to understand and learn your language slowly.

Read with her
Kids love stories. Whether he is small or big, stories are suitable for children. Spend some time reading stories with your child. Make the session entertaining. There are books for every age. You can begin with easy board books and move to picture books and eventually to long fairy-tales. It will help the child not only to learn to talk but also to love telling stories. When reading with the baby, makes it practical like laughing where it is needed and so on.

Limit TV usage
Researchers have found that the interaction between a parent and a child makes it easy for the baby to learn to chatter. This is because when the child babbles, and you respond with a smile or a word, he becomes aware he did something recommendable and often tries to repeat the action. But for TV, there is no such interaction.

Mispronouncing words misleads the baby. He will grow up knowing the wrong pronunciation of the words. Whether he can utter the words correctly or not, it is crucial to say them as they are to help children learn the right pronunciation.

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