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3 tips and tricks to help you get more organised

Busy days at work are a hell for everyone but for ladies are even thougher that you may think. Either you are a single or a married woman, you must already know that early mornings haven't got enough time for a full haircare routine so it is required to simplify your daily care down to some easy steps so that you can be in a hurry ready for take out. If you are a late morning person then all you can do to make yourself look clean and neat is to pull out your hair in a simple ponytail and a quick natural make up and maybe there will be some time for you for a short breakfast. For others that take sufficient time to work on their looks in the morning then there are a few tips that could improve your hairstyle, make up and look and also some for an increase in productivity. Here are a few tips and trick you could use to make a fresh start in the morning and a quick leave without much stress and work!

1. Organise yourself 
First things first: make a planner and list all your dutties and achievements for an easy week at work and home. Organising can help you keep up with your tasks and help you improve your skills. If you are going to have to work up until late and for a long hard work at the office, make sure to think of your outfits, your meal and back up plans for everything. For example, be careful to have all your clothes pressed and ready to go on your shelf and plan your meals! If you stick up to the plans you make and achieve your goals you could make some serious improvements in your life! You could become more responsable, productive and happy with yourself. 

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2. Plan your outfits and looks
If you want everything to go as planned it is important to leave the most time consuming part of the day done by the previous night rather than the morning. Plan your outfits within a week before if possible and also your hairstyles and make up routine so that every single morning all you will have to do is get up, take a shower, dress up and get out for a new successful day at work. Don't forget to hav back up clothes in your car for every situation! For your hair, just do a simple ponytail or a modern top knot with a little help from your new blond lace front wig which you can use daily or change it every week with a blonde weave.

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3. Take care of your personal dutties 
Last but not least, take ut of your list all those long taking tasks that could slow you down. If you don't have enough time in the morning for preparing, then take care of all your business early in the weekend or free days from work. Go to a professional saloon and take care for your hair. Make sure your hairstylist dyes your hair and 360 frontal wig in the right shade and trimmes your splints as you require, then go to the nailbar and take care of your manicure. Don't forget the make up products for a easy and fast routine and other products you can use in the bath in a quick beauty session. WIth all of this planned and taken care of, your week would pass without any unpleasant incidents. All you have to do is to stick up to your plans and note every day step by step in yout bullet journal.

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