vineri, 23 februarie 2018

Prom outfits - to do list

There are moments in a young women's life that need special preparations: wedding, engadgement, prom night etc. At every one of them they must look ravishing so in order for their dream to come true and live a night hard to forget they must prepair in advance! If you find yourself in the same situation and need a dress for your prom night in the upcoming season, then pay attention to this short list that could help you achieve a great look for cheap from and later have the time for your life! 

Before making any decisions about your means of transportations you should know where the party is going to be held and how you can get there. Knowing the venue location should simplify your access with your own car or with a taxi in case it is far from your house. Most of your collegues will rent a big car to go together so there might be a change for you to get there without your car! Second on my list of priorities are boys! I know it might sound silly, but a nice partner can make the difference between a nght to remember or a night to forget! If you are not geting an invitations from your crus don't make a fuss out of it! You can invite him and find out if he is ok with this or not! Be bold and take charge before boys do! It is known that boys can sometimes be lazy or make poor choices in life so be the girl with the initiative and ask first! I do suggest you not to forget other boys in your school that might deserve your attention! But if you don't find a partner you like or don't get invited by one, then you can go by yourself and still have a great time even though you are wearing matric dance dresses.

Finding the perfect dress can be a catch if you are not a fashion interested person! If you do not know where to begin looking or what to wear then you must know that there are some simple rules that women follow when they are on a impass like this! First things first, the dress shoud not be beaded or full or ruffles if you want a classy and elegant look. A simple little black dress or a red dress should make the deal but if you want a bit of sensual touch there are similar designs which come as two-piece prom dresses easy to wear or combine with other pieces of clothings for a more daily outfit. For a more princess type of gown just opt for new african evening dresses in bold colours or patterns but don't forget that sometimes simple looks are more appreciated and give you the best advantage. 

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  2. the tulle skirt + sparkly top combo with long sleeves is darling!