joi, 8 martie 2018

Want the perfect blonde? Here are a few products that could help you get it!

Pursuing and achieving the perfect blonde hair colour can be sometimes a bumpy ride considering the various shades available on market and professional help. If you are considering being a blonde or simply want to renew your already blonde hair thn you already know that this shade is a very difficult one. It is not easy to get the perfect shade you want or at least something similar to the one shown on your recipient's. If you want a platinum blonde, the steps are evn more tidious because platinum is a very had to get shade if the hair is not properly prepaired in advanced. A professional hairstylist which works only with superious products and techniques could create a perfect platinum blonde or any type of blonde from the catalogue so I think you should go in a saloon not working at home with products that could endager your health and hair. If you don't want to dye your hair and just get a simply bleached or ombre style then some blonde bundles with front closure are ok for a fuller look. There are a lot of various shades and designs with long, mediun and shorts lenghts you can find online but my favourite is this one from Maxglam that is a high quality bundle.

blonde weave

If you also wonder how will the final product will look on you and how they would follow up with your natural hair then I can show you a picture of a client that purchased online a blonde weave for a ombre style and looks amazing! The same look can be achieved by wearing a blonde lace front wig with as well but the first two options I suggested you above are the best for a sleek finish and a more natural look for daily use. Remember that the products must be cleaned and washed as the instructions say and you can use the curling iron without any problem on them as long as you are not holding it longer than it should because they can as well deteriorate and burn just as natural hair. Hope you liked this article and find useful the informations I offered you for a perfect blonde hair without any dyeing or chemical products added on your hair. For more products that are easy to use go online. 

blonde lace front wig

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