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3 easy ways to become a influencer

For some, blogging can be a really turn un in their lives and a full time job. Online media platforms and social medias have a great impact in every single day of our lives and they can have a big influence on our daily routine especialy if we are so strongly fond of our social media accounts such as facebook or instagram fan pages. In both cases, the one thing that makes a big difference between a low/average blogger and a top level online influencer is the quality of their photos published online. Most part of bloggers and influencers lov the camera and know very well how to pose to make their accounts attractive but if you are just starting your onlince career as a blogger and need some basic/standard advices for a fast and easy launch here are some that I hope you find useful!
1. Original content
If you think that you can go straight to number 1 place without any effort at all then my ffriend, you are so wrong! All bloggers and influencers have started from below and made a great effort to achieve international success. The content published on your website should be original and not a duplicate. Google and other online search engines can easily follow up your progress through your original content and they can also give you warnings and penalties if you copy content from other sources. Duplicated content can damage your image and your blog as well so be sure that you only write original content on various subjects.

2. Choose a niche
Your first atempts for original content might look desperate and confusing for some of your readers so the second most important thing to do in order to achieve your goals and work all your way up to a full time blogger carrier is to choose a niche. Just think about the things you love the most and make that one thing that keeps you passionate the main subject of your blog. This will help you a lot with writing and building up an audience. 

3. Invest in good pictures 
Only text blogs are not really that popular these days because influencers use lots of pictures to promote and gain new readers and followers every day. If you are not that great with taking photos in a public area then find a place you like the most and use it to take pictures for your blogposts. If you prefer working indoors then you can use a studio or your own room but take care of your background and lights. Use some backdrops from for a new experience and great pictures you can also add to your social media accounts. Making your profile as much as possible visible with good quality photos and original content is a must for every blogger!

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