duminică, 22 aprilie 2018

Discover the new you with hair extensions!

Falling into the same old routine at work and then at home and you do not know what else could you do to impress your loved one and feel a little bit fresh and as you did before? Did you know that a simple day at the beauty salon can have a huge impact on your mind and can bring back all those positive thoughts and energy you've lost during this stressful week? Embrace the weekend and start packing your things because tin the two following days you are going to get what you need: a new hairdo and a make over for a new fresh start on Monday! It does sounds good, doesn't it? You don't have to take care of anything at all because professional make up artist and hair dressers will take care of all those things you need to make yourself regain your inner beauty and sparkle to thrive another week in your busy office. Here are some trends you should definately follow these days:

1. Natural make-up or the No-make-up Make Up
A very popular make up trend and one that is very accesible to everyone considering the large range of products that give you the option to make a durable with a good aesthetics for a budget friendly price. Women who lack the time of getting done in the early morning or moms who can't have too much make up on their face would embrace this style. There are numerous brand that have a special line of make up in neutral and natural shades. Look though for those products that promise longlastic effect and enjoy you days with a minimal yet complex make up!

2. Change of style
Getting a little bored because of the same old hairstyling? Is your hair not in the best mood or trying realy bad to loose those split ends but your lenght is not enough for some luxurious buns? No worries! Your haistylist should know what to do in each case! The most populat way to get a thicker hair and a new and fresh hairstyle is refering to using hair weaves or natural hair extensions in a very crazy shade or blonde highlits. www.addcolo.com is the website with the best variety of natural hair products for a change of style with good quality products. More suffestions and new advices for how to use and mantain hair extensions are given on the website but you should already be instructed by your stylist about them if you have decided to give them a try.

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