luni, 23 aprilie 2018

Share a special moment together, you and you mom!

Mother and daughters share a special bond since before birth. Our mothers are our best friends, our confidents and the world without them in our lives would just be a blank page. Since the first day we are born our eyes lie down on her, the woman that shared her body with us and provided for us for all nine month and we instanly fall in love with this woman. Her caring and love is never too much and we are luchy that we have them there to share together our special moments. Love your mom dears! They are not eternal and we should appreciate every moment with them like nothing else! Share every thought, every moment and make them feel special with any occasion. And this is how you make precious moment last forever in a picture with a simple matchind dress or a pair of girls swimsuits which you can wear at the beach together on the sunny weekend. Make every special occasion you share together even brighter with matching outfits! Make a statement about how much you love each other and how much you enjoy having fun wearing the same dress at the same time without finding anything wrong about sharing the same look with her. 

If you are pregnant or already have a little girl then I am more than sure that now you know what mother love is and now cherish you mother even more than you have done before. Right after having a baby a young woman finaly understand the struggles they're mother put up into, but motherhood is about that: loving and nurturing. Now when you look back to your old photo albums with your mother and your little girl and see those pretty matching dresses she made for you to wear at family reunions you know that she did all her best for you and so will you with your little princess! You will not leave any store without buying cute tops for girls with buterflyes and rainbows, little wellies and umbrellas in pink with polka dots or any toy she likes because you know that these little surprises are the ones you enjoy them both. Try out matching outfits for family members and take photos of them! 

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