luni, 23 aprilie 2018

S.O.S TED HAIR! my hair is going crazy!

Having a bad hair day or is just the luck out of your way lately? We are all experiencing that one! A pretty bad hair day is awful! You know from the right moment you wake up that there is nothing you can do to take back what you've done but here are a few tricks that I use to tame my hair every time I know it's gonna be one of those days when you'll have to start hair business classes from TedHair because your hair can be very demanding sometimes!

1. Brush your hair before and after the shower!
You've had a rough night and you can see that one stuck up on your face. You can't go like that out into the world so set your clock early and take a long warm shower to wake up properly. Brushing your hair before showering is essencial. Your shampoo foam will last longer and it will cleanse better the bad odour, the rest of make up that got on your hair and dust particles. Brushing it before stepping into the shower also prevents hairloss. Right after you are done with your bath, just put a towel around your head and let the water be absorbed naturaly for 5 or 10 minutes. Right after that you can gently apply essecial hair oils and prepair to brush it again. For straigh and semi curled hair a proper brush is mandatory! Also don't forget that wholesale hair extensions need the same treatment!

2. Think about what hairstyle you want to wear and start working on iti asap!
If you know you're hair puts up a fight every morning, then make sure to prepair for the battle! Right before going to bed, apply a sheen coat of hair oil or a leave in treatment then pull it up in a bun or put the accessories you want to make a new hairstyle when you wake up. I know that is not confortable to sleep with curlers attached to your hair but the result is worth! The sale applies for your hair extensions and wigs! Prepare it exactly like this so that when you wake up you no longer need to put up all that effort. You can use special products for wholesale wigs but the regular one that you can find in the local drugstore also work ok.

3. Wash your hair as many times as possible!
Just like your skin, your hair requires special attendance everyday. If you have greasy hair or you are simply working in a place that is full of dust, then make sure that at the end of the day you wash it properly with a caring and nourishment shampoo. A dirty hair can damage your skin and your health as well! Forget about those miths that are saying that a frequent hair wash will only damage and make your hair greasier  because it is not true! Every woman is unique and their hair as well! If you need daily hair wash then do it no matter what! A greasy hair look very bad and smells bad! Use a gentle shampoo and use less leave in if your tendancy is to greasy hair but your daily routine should definately be the same no matter what.

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