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3 easy and cheap tricks to protect your hair during summer time!

External factors like heat, rain, poluated air combined with a wrong formulated shampoo and conditioner can cause damage to your natural hair. Summer time is known to have high temperatures and waves of heat that are unbereable. Dermatologist suggest that you should apply a thick coat of sunscreen protection emulsion on your skin even though you are not going outside in the clear sky or wear an umbrella with you because ultraviolets can burn your skin no matter how many layers of clothes you put on. Proctecting your sking means protecting your health but do not forget that not only the skind needs special attention through the summer! Your hair has same importance! The torrid sun can accelerate skin and hair aging so make sure you use the appropiate kind of products in your daily routine. If you are not sure how you can make it through the summer without any problem then here are a few tricks you can look up for to protect your hair, waves and wig!

1. Hydrate and protect!
You may be inclined to think that the usual conditioner you use is perfect for summer but it is not. Same as body creams, both shampoo and contitioner can be found in a special range for summer time with ultraviolet protection factor. You can find products with 50 SPF either in drugstores or local pharmacies. There are a few special ranges for highly damaged hair that have SPF and normal hair lines with the same SPF. You can use SPF hair products on your human hair weave as well so do not forget about them when you decide to have some pampering time.

2. Wear hats!
I know that you want a perfect tan and think that your hat might stand in your way, but a hat can protect your hair! If you do not like to wear your hair loose in the summer then you can pin it up in a messy bun and the wear a scarf around it for a glamorous look but any other hat or hair accessories that cover your hair would do just fine to protect your skin, eyes and hair from the burning sun. Same rules apply even if you decide to wear human hair wigs for a new appearance.

3. Try a new hairstyle!
As I have said before, summer can be pretty much unbereable for some! Wearing your hair loose might be a big problem so there is only one option for you either cut it into a fancy asymetric bob or add some lace closure hair accessories so that when you will make your hair into a bun, the volume gets up as well. Hair accessories can help you get volume and try out something new for the summer season so make sure you look up for the natural hair weaves and extensions in bright colours. 

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