joi, 20 septembrie 2018

Tips to Care your Natural Hair

Getting the perfect look like the magazine is not an easy job to do. Even salon specialists say that it is very dificult to obtain and to mantain the perfect hairstyle without professional help. Even superstars have suffer of hairloss and other health issues that makes it even harder to make everything look perfect, so if you think you are the only one who finds it difficult to look flawless everyday then you are not the only one!  There is no secret or miraculous potion that can change over night your appearance. You will have to work out a complexe and rigurous routine in order to get the look you want. If you do not know where to start or what to do then here are a few steps that come in handy!

1. Change your haircare products
Same as your skin, your scalp has individual characteristics. Depending on the season, your scalp can be either dry or mixt so understand your needs and take action with the right routine! Knowing your scalp and hair type can make you understand why some certain brands products have zero effect on you. If you are struggling with dandruff then you should look up for products that gently clean the flakes and dandruff of your scalp. Following a treatment for dandruff can normalise your scalp. Make sure you understand your hair and scalp first then use a few travel size or testers for haircare product until you find one that is right for you.

2. No more flat ironing or curling for a while
I know that it may seem a bit extreme and impossible but hot air does a lot of damage to your hair. If you are using them daily then your hair is under a lot of stress and might need a break from them. You can use a keratin treatment if you preffer straight hair or a semipermanent for those who want curly hair at least for a while to make sure you put a stop to everything that is doing ireversible damage to your hair. Even your hair dryer can be included in the same category as the rest of those mentioned aove so might as well consider to dry your hair naturaly for a while.

3. Wear your hair loose or try a simple braid 
Did you know that the common pony tail has rather a very bad effect on your hair? After a while of constant wearing it in a high ponytail women told that their hair started to lose hair elasticity and find lots of broken or split ends when brushing. Try to wear it loose for a while or just braid it if you just can not stand to have hair falling over your face. Change your old hairbrush and comb with a new one that has an ergonomic shape and focuses mostly on untangling.

4. Wear hair accessories that do less damage to your scalp
Lots of women with serious hairloss problems wear bundles or wighs to cover up the patches.  Most of them though are not the best and cause even more trouble! Depending on the closure they can either improve or damage your look! Ask your personal stylist about the methods which are mostly used by clients and if they suit you. You can buy hair weaves or addopt a new type of wig depending the case. 

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