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Searching for a new fashion style? Here is how you can get a new wardrobe!

I have not been always a stylish type of girl. To be honest, I am still a bit of a tomboy because high heels and dresses make me feel a bit unconfortable, but I have made wasier this year a promise to myself that I would try something new and stick with it. I do not usualy go into the clubs. I would rather stay in at home reading a book with a cup of tea, but my friends told me that my social life is almost in a critical phase so I gave it a change and I loved it! I love to dance and hand around with my closest friends but what made me feel like I was from another planet was my clothing. I just could not fit into the scene so I decided to refresh my wardrobe and it worked just fine! If you are like me in need of a new style or simply looking for cheap sexy dresses then here are a few things that you might find helpful!

1. Decide what style you want to adopt
If you are searching for a total change then you should be prepared to spend a lot of money my darling! Start by deciding what style you find most attractive and buy some key items that would make it easier for you to compose outfits. For example, a simple leather jacket can be addapted into various outfits and it is not that expensive nor to cheap! Aim though for a very good leather jacket!

2. Use apps to build up outfits
Have you ever used Polyvore? If not, then give it a try! There you can find lots of clothing items you can add to your list and compose random outfits. You can also get inspiration from other persons lists or use Pinterest as a source! Mobile phones app make it easy for you to keep track with your daily outfits if you do not want to wear the same thing over and over again. Plan your looks in advance!

3. Follow a fashion blogger's style
I know this might seem crazy, but you could replicate someone else's style if you like it! Most of the fashion bloggers give enough informations to their followers regarding the provenience of their items so check their posts and make a list of clothins and accessories you like. You might identify with one style and that makes it even simpler for you. For clubwear just ask them for adviced because I am sure that all of the fashion bloggers know were you can find wholesale dresses and other women apparel for cheap.

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