sâmbătă, 22 decembrie 2018

Planning your outfit for Christmas with Luvyle!

Even though we are just days appart from Christmas, not all of us have everything done! I am a bit late with gift wrapping and catering for dinner but what I am most concerned is my ourfit! If am a very cold person and I am always thinking about what to wear because no matter what I will be cold... I was always wondering what type of blazers or coats can be used for a Christmas outfit considering that a few of us will attend different events during this time of the year and just a dress is not enought to keep us warm. Not everyone will have a day off on Christmas or New Years Eve because job sometimes requires lots of attention , for example doctors, nurses and firemans do not have a day off just because it is Christmas. They work full shifts as usual and maybe if they are lucky enough, they can catch at least a few hours to spend with family after all. In this case, they will always keep some gifts and cloting items in the back of their car to change on the way toevery special event they must go to. If it is freezing outside and the blizzard does not give any signs of stopping, then a very thick coat or jacket is mandatory but underneath a blazer would work just fine! Sexy fashion blazers would come in very handy in this type of situation where it is too cold outside and the coat and a dress are not enough layers to keep you warm. Blazers are fashion items that can be worn either with an elegant dress gown or a casual look. Patterns are good as long as the dress or blouse are without any other complicated designs or bold colours. You can achieve a color blocking outfit if you like but try a more less kind of outfit for it would look more chic smart style. The rest of yourlook can be completed with a pair of plain fashion boots to go perfect with the layer of snow waiting outside. 

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