joi, 3 ianuarie 2019

Still looking for a new hairstyle for 2019? Try out ombre wigs for a change!

Once we approach New Years Eve, a lot of us say that it is going to be a turning point, the moment to finaly do some changes, take chances etc. It is indeed a great chance for some of us to do whatever we have dreamed but could not do the previous year like apply for a new job, pursue your lifetime dream, break a world record or just try something new like a blonde wig! Yeah, that might sound crazy because some might not have the chance to change their minds or even lose everything they had before but every single one of these choices define our character and makes us who we are. I could say that the least dangerous thing to try out in 2019 is a new hair cut and a new hair colour of course. A change of hairstyle can boost your confidence and also improve your look depending on the lenght you pick. 2018 has embraced lots of hairstyle but the one that has been on everyone's mind in every saloon was the ombre style! For a perfect ombre you just need a darker shade for roots and a lighter one for the ends. Anyone can get an ombre because it is one of the easiest coloured hairstyle from them all! You can try it yourself at home without any other help or for a more succesfull and long term change try out an ombre lace front wig that would make it easier for you. There are a few interesting combinations like red and blonde or back and blue ends but if you do not like trying out styles that are too bold then the safest option is the regulat brown/black with blonde. It is a rather simple hairstyle to maintain and it does not require a complicated haircare routine if you are considering a long term style. A quality synthetic wig for example does not need a very difficult haircare routine at all! You can dye the wig with whatever colour you want as long as you make sure you have done it properly because same as your natural hair, the synthetic wig requires a properly attention when dyed so that every inch you are trying to cover with hair dye is done accordingly. In the following you will find a few pictures for inspiration for ombre hairtyles.

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  1. Great picks! I've never tried on any wigs because some wigs look very unreal to me. I love natural-looking wigs that fool people easily!

    Anyway I just followed you, would you be kind enough to follow me back? :)