luni, 21 ianuarie 2019

The little black dress from

Some say that the little black dress is considered to be la piece du resistance in a woman's wardrobe and when it comes to fashion and I do believe that the right black dress can change a woman's appearance with the correct set of accessories and a strong character. Black is a very strong non-colour and is not suitable for everyone but it is indeed a shade that would be very easy to match. Embelishments added to a a black lace evening dress might be a bit too much though so before purchasing any black dress one must make sure that it is made from a high quality fabric and has no any extra patterns or extra designs unless you want something that is out of the ordinary but then the same rule applies: no more accessories. A lace dress is very precious and would be very well accompanied by a nude pair of high heels and a make up that is focused either on the lips or the eyes but never on both. Soft make-ups are the best for pretty much all outfits so unless there is a special event that requires a dramatic look just opt for soft nude shades. In what concerns the jewelry, the litthe black dress would sparkle even more with just a bit of gold so a pair of earings or a statement necklace in bright gold would add that bit of light to the outfit. But do no forget that less is more! The more items of jewelry you add the more you will drag attention from an elegant outfit.

Sequins are a good ideea only if you are planning to go out into a club or a bit more elect event. Sequins are not recommended for day use so make sure you wear your sequin dress only on late night events. The sequins and sparkling embelishment will give you the bit of light you need so do not hesitate to buy a dress that takes you out of your comfort zone.

For a bit of a more daring yet elegant look, there are the purple evening dresses with sleeves just perfect for a autumn-winter fashion season. Deep purple has always been considered a luxurious colour that could only be worn in some certain occassions but as years have passed, lots of fashion designers have addopted the colour and made bold and daring outfits with some of the most craziest shades of purple! The dark royal purple is very ppopular and yet a very difficul shade due to it's strong impressions. It works very well with other complementary colours but if you are thinking of a colour block outfit make sure that you do not use more than 2 or 3 colours or it maight look a bit chaotic! A purple dress tells a very important story about the woman that wears it so make sure you pick up the right design and shade! For more high quality dresses and top fashion designs from the best online fashion makers go online on

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