joi, 7 martie 2019

A woman's guide to a flawless look

Any woman in this world knows that if you want to look flawless every single day of your life without any aditional struggles you must follow some simple rules which involves make-up, accessorising and clothing. It does not really matter where do you live or what job you have got as long as you know how to put the right make-up on your face, clothes and formal evening gowns  to build an elegant and yet casual look. With the right make-up and gown, you can either conquer the world or loose it all in just a second so make sure you are prepared accordingly for every second of your life because first appearances can cost you everything! And never forget that something following the simplest rules you might succeed!

For those who might not know what type of make-up or apparel to use then there are a few charts or even online courses with specialist that will give the help needed. The most important thing is to know what type of person you are, what is your purpose and what do you want to achieve. Without being 100% commited to yourself there will be no success in what you are doing! Second but not less important, make sure you understant your body very well. Through your make up and outfit you can tell a thousand things. Wear a simple make-up that would only enhance your true natural self and only opt for bold one in the eventuality of a special event. Use make-up products that are top brands and ask for help if you do not know which ones are the best for your skin type and needs.

Knowing the shape of your body is also essential! It does not really matter if you are just looking just after a skirt or for a chic prom dress... Pay attention to these simple rules before making any purchass or decision in regards with your outfits and you cannot fail! If you do not want to look cheap and messy then have a good look in the mirror, adknowledge that what you might need to wear might not be very popular or even trending but it would not matter because it would fit your body better than a glove! For example, if your body is shaped as a pear, then an A-line dress would be more suited for your.  An A-shaped dress or maybe even a trumphet one would come really handy for thos of you who might feel that thight dresses are a bit too much for a evening party or cocktail. They are indeed more versatile and easy to be worn and do remmeber that diaphane looks can be created with VaniaDress and the right type of jewelry. 

You do not have to look like supermodel to wear mermaid evening dresses but a slender figure or a voluptous one might be very helpful considering that type particular type of dress is a bit daring and requires lots of confidence as it shows everything. Same rule applies for gowns: less is more! Try to avoid dresses full of embelishments unless the patters is delicate or somptous in a very elegant yet classy manner. Since the oldest times the most beautiful and recommended dresses have been the modest evening dresses  that follow simple designs and lines such as the following which I am sure that you would love because there is no need of adding any other accessories to them. 

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