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5 rules a bride should follow

Weddings should bring joy and happiness in ones life, but for some, it is just the perfect oportunity or excuse for a fight! Yes, you read it well: a fight! I know it might sound harsh, but sometimes wedding do not bring people together at all! In a way or another it manages to tear relationships of friendship or family ties and it is only because some people just do not want to understand that it is not their wedding but the brides and the grooms! As much as you try there would still be some to argue or find something to object but you have to be strong and let it all go as all it will come to an end after all... I know, you might be asking why do that? Why would you have to turn the other cheek and not crush them? Well, it is only for your own sake! Organising an wedding can be exhausting and it need 100% commitement from both partners so here are a few rules to follow if you want to have a day without any issues!

1. Establish your budget
Weddings are not cheap and might as well be getting you close to bankruptcy if you are not well organised! Make sure you have a list to keep track of all your spendings. Once you have sorted out your budget and how you are going to spend your money, everything should set into place. If you want something simple yet very chic, have a look in all vintage stores! There are lots of items that would give a bit of shine and elegancy to your event. Not only cheap but also versatile as well! If you cannot afford buying new bridesmaid dresses or make them custom made then have a look either on vintage stores or on your local outlets! 

2. Venue and menu
You might think that it would not really matter where you are going to party after the ceremony but you are very wrong! Your guests can be very picky and also very cheap with their gifts if they think you have not put too much effort into treating them well! I know it sounds mad and it is not about them but about you, but you have to consider that some of them might not even turn up to your wedding if they feel neglected or just unconfortable with the venue or the menu!

3. Arrange transport
Some of your relatives might need some means of transport to arrive at your wedding. 

Be considerate especially with those whom might be old or with children and arrange for a few cars to pick them up along the way. It is definately a bit expensive but our family comes first! Give the driver all the instructions for the routes and the rota of your whole day so they turn up on time.

4. Be considerate with your bridesmaids
Some brides are so focused on their wedding and want to have it all their way that they actualy forget that the bridesmaids also are human beings with feelings! Be considerate and ask your friends about their preferences in what regards those purple bridesmaid dresses you had in thought because they might not enjoy them that much! Do not make them wear clothing that would make them feel unconfortable.

5. Restauration of a dress

Did you know that you can still wear your mother wedding dress that you have always dreamed of wearing? You can make as many alternations you want as long as you keep the main design and accessories intact! Just make sure that your tailor is really handy and knows how to do alterations accordingly so you won't have any unexpected or sad experiences considering this is a very special dress you are chancing! You can also do a few alterations to your old graduation dresses for college you have been hiding in your closet! They might be very helpful with dressing up your bridesmaids!

Last but not least, don't forget to have fun! It is a very special day and you should enjoy it as much as possible! Even if you feel like some of your guests might tear your dress or fry your brain, do not let them spoil this day for anything!

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