duminică, 14 aprilie 2019

Outfits that break the routine at work!

There are more that two years since I have been living in the uk and I got to say that I love it! The first year I came here it was a bit chaotic but just for the first three months as my new job required lots of focus and training but after a while I got so accustomed to everything that I could feel that there would be nothing for me to not make this new country my new home. I love everything about England: the people, the language, the history, the museums and parks but mostly the shopping centers! I love going shopping in one of the biggest shoppings centers in the whole world! Online shopping is also very accessible here and you can get lots of benefits, discounts and free delivery charges compared to my home country where I was always in a bit of a mess with my local post ofice taxes. Now, I can shop everything I want because there are no taxes nor late delivery time slots! I have never thought before that I can buy sexy jumpsuits for women in one day and get it delivered at home in just two days! I mean, that is the best delivering service I have ever seen and you know that time means money for most of us! Online shopping comes in really handy for me because I spend most of my time at my workplace! I usualy do my shopping on my phone as it is really easy and fast. I do not like though buying groceries via phone so I do go to the supermarket sometimes but if we are talking about make-up products, beauty and fashion related items, then the internet is my choice. 

For example, I just got two shirts for women just yesterday in my mail from CICILOOKSHOP that I am planning on using starting tomorrow as my workplace requires outfits that say that I am proffessional and chic. I buy shirts on a daily basis because there are times where I need new looks. I cannot afford of wearing the same outfit more that just a couple of times and I like to have a versatile appearance. I do admit that I have some shirts that kep the same design but in different colours. When I find something that I like I make sure that I have it on all colours before it goes low stock so yes you can say that I have pretty much the same shirt in every single colour of the rainbow! My top favourite ones are the turtle neck blouses and the stripe lines shirts but sometimes when I want to keep is simple I just opt for a full white shirt just to play safe with my oufits. Here are a few of my favourite tops I have purchased from Cicilookshop recently and I recommend you on using for office looks. And if you were wondering what else could you wear to make your daily office looks a bit more spicy and provocative then ladies, I have got something new that would turn heads! Have you ever considered wearing sexy jumpsuits for women as a piece du resistance for a bussiness trip? If not, do give them a try because you might be surprised by how well they go! If you are not such a big fan of dresses them the jumpsuit is your best friend!

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