miercuri, 1 mai 2019

Getting ready for summer with TrendySuper!

Ever had the feeling that you have got nothing to wear? Like every single morning before going to work, you open your wardrobe and have nothing at all even if your order with cheap womens clothes has just arrived a few days ago? I mean, we do have but wearing the same outfit over and over again is not a really nice choice especially for a young woman who wants to make a bold statement about her fashion style and personality. During summer the things get even more serious as the weather would cause a bit of disturbance. For example, the heat weave that will hit ius in just a few weeks will require a lot of spare tops to be held in the back of our cars or in the locker room as we tend to warm up too easily. Having to wear the same top for more that 8 hours at your office were the air con is not always on it can be nightmare! I know the struggles and how much can a stain or an innapropiate outfit can cause a disaster so here are a few things that you will find useful during summer!

1. Hydrate!
I know it may seem silly, but ater has a huge role in your life. You might be probably one just like me, who forgets about drinking water or find yourself in a really busy routine, am I right? Every single time I tell myself that would not let anything get in the way of my healthy routine but my job required a lot of focuse and so I forget to do so often and at the end of my shift I feel exhausted and stressed and it is because I have not drink a single drop of water all day... Well, there is a solution for that! There are special bottles with luminous signals that follow your hydration levels and remind you when to drink water, but there are also apps you can install on your device to remember when to hydrate and also to set the right amount of liquid your body needs. 

2. Only online shopping
During summer time the UVA si rally strong so keeping a hat on your head and applying lots of sunscreen is not enough to keep your skin healthy. Try to avoid going outside when the sun shines brightly and do your groceries and your shoppings online! It would not just protect you from sun burns but it would also be quicker! Do you need new cute casual dresses and any other women apparell such as tops and skirts, then go online! Not only it will give you lots of options but you can actualy do savings by purchasing online merchandise only! There are a few online stores that give the opportunity of applying discount codes or transforming online points into cash!

3. Wear comfortable clothing
Umbereable temperatures will follow soon so have a wardrobe change and opt for clothing that are made out of natural fabrics that let the skin breathe! White is the best option but you can wear any other colour but remember that black clothes will only attract the sun and will make you feel hotter! Dresses are a good ideea to be honest so wear as many as possible during summertime! And do not forget about accessories and sandals! Golden touches will make you look like a greek goddess in the white vaporous dress from TrendySuper!

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