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Get your suitcase ready for summer with Ladyfas top listed items!

Still thinking about summer holiday while stuck in your office with boring work papers? Well, my dear, you are not the only one in this crazy situation! Just a few more weeks aparts us from the exotic summer holiday we have all been dreaming of since last year! I do not know where you are going or what are you planning to do but I am sure that all this daydreaming made you forget that you have not done your suitcase yet and still have not bought not even one pair of swimsuit, am I right? If your answer is yes then let me help you with a short list consisting of items that are a must in your luggage!

1. Nothing to wear?

Bored of your old summer outfits and want something new and fresh? Your old dresses do not fit you the same or simply want to try a new design this time? Choose a maxi dress or a jumsuit then because they are on trend! They are your best option for the summer and to be honest, they are really handy! Hot temperatures will make it umbereable to wear anything at all so a pretty dress with flower prints or a mini skirts will work wonders no matter where you will be! Go for deep cuts for a more exotic look and a simple pair of sandals for a glamorous and sexy one! If bold prints are not your type or simply need something more daring then do not worry because you can find pretty much everything you need with just one click on summer dresses ideas I have got here ready for you! Ruffles on a tight dress works amazing so do try a dress that will have ruffles wither on the top part to mark your shoulder like gently or on your bottom part for an add of volume to the skirt. Online sales have just begun and dresses with pretty prints are available at really cheap prices so have a look quickly before they go out of stock!

2. Perfect tan with no marks!

I know it is rather difficult to obtain a perfect golden tan but if you have enough patience it will happen! You must not forget that sunscreen protection is very important and protection screen will only help your skin get a heathly glow! Do no spend to much time on the beach and try to avoid staying too long under the sun as you might get serious sunburns and also marks from your swinwear! You can choose wither a two piece swimwears set or a one piece but do not forget to pack more than one! You can still go beach glamorous even while wearing a swimsuit so have lots where you can choose from!

3. Hair accessories!

I know that adding too many accessories can totaly ruin an outfit but a pair of glamorous sunglasses and a hat are your best friends this season! The fun part is that you can opt for as many designs as you want! Try different styles every single day and do not forget them at the hotel as you might need to cover your head during those times of the day when the sun brights shiny! Cheapest accessories online at Ladyfas along with the rest of your summer essential listed up above!

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